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While other cappers give out picks for pleasure we are giving picks for profit. Our number one goal is to make you money . We would never ask you to invest in us without being confident enough that our picks are worth investing in ourselves. We focus on the best options every day and try to take advantage of them. We don't just send picks to send picks. That is why we are #1 . Don’t just take our word for it, you can lay easy knowing that Professors Picks is Third Party verified. Using a well know source in the business . Professors Picks has emerged as one of the best and most consistent sports services to date in the industry. We are committed to our customers and their betting needs .So what are you waiting for? Join Professors Picks Alumni and start winning today!

  • NBA Basketball

    1. NBA Basketball

    Elevate your NBA Basketball experience with our expertly crafted NBA basketball picks and predictions at Professor Picks. Our team of seasoned analysts brings you today's most reliable NBA basketball picks.

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  • MLB Picks

    2. MLB Picks

    Professor Picks has been making wise major league baseball picks for over 15 years, from the opening pitch of the season to the World Series. We find the finest MLB odds and provide our choices and baseball best bets.

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  • Winning Sports Picks

    3. Winning Sports Picks

    Professor Picksyour premier destination for winning picks, expert betting tips, and predictions for today's sports events. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or just getting started, we have everything you need.

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  • MLB Odds

    4. MLB Odds

    MLB odds, your ultimate destination for all things baseball betting. Whether you're a die-hard fan, a seasoned bettor, or just looking to add some extra excitement to the game, we've got you covered. From the latest MLB baseball odds.

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  • NBA_Odds

    5. NBA Odds

    At Professor Picks you can learn everything about NBA odds, including how to read NBA odds, how to bet on the NBA, NBA over under, and NBA betting tips, all information provided by Professor Picks NBA betting experts.

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  • Soccer_Prediction

    6. Soccer Prediction

    Professor Picks, your ultimate destination for accurate soccer predictions and betting tips. With our expert analysis and cutting-edge algorithms, we provide you with the most reliable soccer predictions today

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Expert Picks

Expert Sports Picks

At Professor Picks, we take pride in delivering expert sports picks meticulously crafted by our team of seasoned analysts. Our experts leverage their in-depth knowledge, statistical analysis, and industry insights to bring you the most accurate sport betting tips and predictions across a variety of sports.

Expert Picks and Predictions

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Our commitment to excellence ensures that our sports picks are backed by thorough research, statistical analysis, and a keen understanding of the game. With Professor Picks, you can trust that you're receiving picks with unparalleled accuracy to help you make informed betting decisions.

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Wide Range Of Sports

Whether you're a fan of football, basketball, baseball, soccer, or any other major sports, Professor Picks has you covered. Our expert picks span a wide range of sports, providing you with a diverse array of options to suit your preferences.

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Accessible To All

Professor Picks is dedicated to making expert sports picks accessible to everyone. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or a newcomer to the sports betting scene, our user-friendly platform ensures that you can easily access and benefit from our expert insights.

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With our daily news, keep up to date with the game! Professor Picks will keep you up to date with the latest sports betting news so that you'll always be able to take advantage of the best possible odds.

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At Professor Picks, your success is our ultimate goal. We're not just here to provide picks; we're here to guide you toward making informed decisions and enjoying a successful sports betting journey.


How important is defense in sports betting?

Other handicappers and the Public mostly or only look at a team’s Offense when selecting who wins. I do just the opposite! I FIRST look at the Defense as they dictate the outcome of games far more often than not. If a handicapper you’re listening to doesn’t look at or understand defenses, it’s time to drop them and jump on board with professorspicks. Get Defensive, subscribe today, and Let’s Roll together!

What is professorspicks approach to making picks?

Similar to stock investing, there are two types of approaches when handicapping games: Technical Analysis and a Fundamental Approach. I take into consideration both ways when looking at games, but rely heavily on the Fundamental Approach. I only handicap games where I have watched the two teams play – except at the first of the year where I start slow and only recommend games of teams that I have researched heavily. Start slow and build your roll is my motto. Subscribe today and let’s build our roll together!

Burned By Frauds?

Yeah me, too, early in my career. I embarrassingly paid for two different services when I was young and didn’t know better. I paid them and, guess what, lost every game they recommended. The other scam out there is 800 numbers that tell everyone they’ve got a surefire lock, but their scam is that they give out one team to 50% of the callers and 50% to the other callers. Half of the callers think this handicapper is a genius and pays up again the following weeks because they won the first week, only to have their money taken as those fake handicappers are exposed for what they are…frauds! A huge reason I became a public handicapper is to help build transparency as I post my record – good or bad. I post recap videos where I explain where I was right and where I was wrong. Subscribe today and be on the right side with a guy who’s been in your shoes. Subscribe today with a handicapper who’s real, transparent, and successful! Let’s win together!

What are the keys to professorspicks sports betting success?

I take a disciplined approach playing “under the radar games”. I play games where I see advantages and mismatches where the Public hasn’t yet fully appreciated the gift Vegas has given us that week. That being said, I also play “center stage prime-time” games as long as I see a mismatch that the Public doesn’t. Join and subscribe today so we can both win together!