Why Join Professors Picks

    Professors Picks is changing the industry with our custom bet systems that we have created. We use our extensive sports betting database with custom sports betting tools to automatically generate sports betting outcomes for every major sport at a very high win rate. It combines information such as game details, betting odds, betting trends, game simulations, game predictions and betting tips to form a comprehensive article focused specifically on sports betting lenses. If you would like to profit with our sports betting systems, then sign up for a membership today. Our system provide simulated outcomes of a sporting event so that they can get an accurate idea of ​​how this event will progress based on analytical and historical betting data. Along with algorithms based on many factors (listed below) to determine the winner and the final result. Sure Las Vegas uses many factors to create betting lines and odds for each game for the public to bet on. My system reverses the same betting lines and odds, then includes other statistical / historical data for games. Algorithm Key Factors: Live Las Vegas Lines and Betting Odds. Historical Lines, Betting Odds, Services Betting Trends, and Historical Team Data. Statistics from Previous Games (Active and Historical). Rivalry and Revenge Factors. Team Route and rest / Injuries or suspensions of key players. Weather factor (if applicable). My system also uses custom AI to become more accurate over time. For example, at the beginning of each new season, the system sets a baseline of performance and only becomes stronger /more accurate as the season progresses, because more information is gained. You will notice that the final results of the systems become more accurate towards the end of the season, but still profiting the entire season. If the Las Vegas betting lines have good value or an oddity, the system will show it without any bias or strictly numerical human elements. Remember that our systems are designed to make a profit. If you want long-term profitability, then make Professors Picks your new sports handicapper. 

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